Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There Are No Coincidences

For the record: I have found myself in too many “coincidental” situations to believe that nothing happens by coincidence!

So here's my latest experience:

Yesterday, upon arriving at the front doors of the hospital to visit a friend, I LITERALLY ran into dear neighbors who, nearly five years ago, moved to a far away state!

And yesterday, I ran into them at the hospital!!

They were in town for a graduation and stopped by the hospital to visit a family member.

So there we were, right in front of the hospital entrance, catching up on life’s time line since last we shared a back fence and chapel pews.

And I found myself welling with emotion as my heart treasured these dear people who spoke with faith and hope about their current trials.

And they gave me hope - so much so that I wanted to cry. right. there. because what they said is exactly what I needed to feel.

But I didn’t cry.

Yet my heart hung on to every good thing they said and clung to every happy thought offered.

And as I hugged them before we parted – knowing it will really be some time before we see each other again (because seriously, it was p.e.r.f.e.c.t. timing on both our parts to be standing there, together, outside the hospital doors that it could not have been coincidence) - I realized the Lord sent me to hospital so He (through them) could visit me!

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