Wednesday, June 16, 2010


One of the hardest things for me as a mother with children is trying figure out the whole consequence thing.

I find that in giving consequences I am either too harsh or too lenient.

When I am too harsh I have to re-evaluate my objective, ask for forgiveness and chalk it up to experience.

When I am too lenient I find my children not repentant enough which then makes me want to give out a too harsh consequence, which results in reevaluation, asking forgiveness and wondering if I’ll ever learn from my experience?!

Another thing about giving children consequences is that many times their consequence becomes my consequence.

Take for example the frequent reminder to a four year-old NOT to pour his cup of milk when handling a FULL gallon jug.

Because this little boy is so independent, he pours anyway.

His cup becomes full and then runneth over (and over and over).

And although my four year-old does his best in cleaning up the spilled milk, I also pay his price and clean up the milk either with him or after him.

Because if not, the remaining puddles he has missed or the towel that he has used will soon spoil, turn sour and start to smell the house.

Which make me think of how kind and loving and patience the Savior is with me.

For how many times have I done more than just spill the milk? Only to have my mistake run over and over and over?

And even though I try my best to clean it up, it just isn’t good enough, because there are things that are left behind that can sour and spoil and stink . . . my life and everyone else who has been affected.

But there He is - the Savior – who made my consequence His reason for the Atonement.

He who paid the price for me.

To clean up what I can’t do myself.
Eternally indebted am I to keep learning (repenting and forgiving) from my experience.

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