Thursday, June 10, 2010

From Boyfriend to Fiancé to Husband

Today my daughter attended her very first bridal shower.

She is five years old and the bride is her Primary Teacher.

Breathlessly, my daughter counted down the hours until when we would visit with the bride, eat sweet treats and watch all the presents be opened.

This was our conversation in the car on the way to the bridal shower - which was a mere THREE MINUTES away!

Daughter: So will they (meaning the bride and the groom) get married right after she opens her presents?"

Me: Oh no, sweetie.  Today is just a party.  They won't get married for another two weeks.

Daughter (a little confused): Sooo, the guy is not her husband?

Me: Not yet.  Right now he is her fiancé.

Daughter: Fee-on-SAY.  Fee-on-SAY?  What is a fee-on-SAY?

Me: First you have a boyfriend.  Once your boyfriend asks you to get married and you say yes, then you become engaged.  A fiancé is a fancy way to say the boyfriend you are going to marry.  And after you get married your fiancé then becomes your husband.

Daughter: Oh I get it now! You get engaged, you get a fee-on-SAY and then he turns into your husband!

Me: You got it right!

Daughter: And so what is the girl called?

Me: Well, she is called the bride and that's why we are going to a bridal shower.

Daughter (uber excited and very impatient by now): Mom! ARE WE ALMOST THERE YET?

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