Friday, May 14, 2010

We women

We women are funny folk.

We think about things. . . Lots of things.

Lots of things that are important to us.

In General Conference April 2010, Sister Julie B. Beck said, “Life is not calm of most women, and each day seems to require the accomplishment of a million things, most of which are important” (Boy, do I say “Amen!" to that)!

And while we are busy accomplishing, we are also busy thinking.

I know a woman who stays awake at night because the money in her CD account is not giving her enough interest to live on.

I know another woman who is pregnant with her fourth child. She recently moved far away from family and in new surroundings, finds herself fretting if she really will be able to handle what’s up ahead.

I know another woman who is praying that her husband will be offered a job. He has been out of work for over ten months. They have four young children with one on the way.

I know another woman who is anxiously waiting for her floors and carpets to dry after a full night of an overflowing toilet. Once dried, will she need to replace the carpets? What will be the expense? And what about mold?

I know another woman who is camped out in a hospital room with her beloved husband as he undergoes a traumatic umbilical cord blood transplant because of leukemia. She is as faithful as she is hopeful.

I know another woman who is tending to the side of her aged mother, questioning if today will be her mother’s last.

Today I was able to make a final decision on something that has been pressing me constantly for the past three weeks.

Ironically, it is NOT the decision I would have made 21 days ago.

And the most incredible thing is is that it’s okay - because I am learning about personal revelation.

I am learning that even though I want something SO badly, if I place my complete trust in the Lord - allowing Him to lead me where He wants me to go - the final outcome is the right outcome. Especially when the outcome is NOT what I originally thought I wanted.

Sister Beck teaches, “The ability to qualify for, receive and act on personal revelation is the single most important skill that can be acquired in this life. . . Revelation can come hour by hour and moment by moment as we do the right things.”

For me, the POWER of personal revelation – that communication and direction from God through the Holy Ghost to my spirit - can and does change my heart.

The Holy Ghost can take what I think I really want and transform it into an understanding (perhaps not with perfect clarity, but understanding nonetheless) that allows me to WANT what the Lord wants.

From worry about about a low-interest bearing CD account to the uncertain timing of the death of a dear loved one, “promised personal revelation comes when we ask for it, prepare for it, and go forward in faith, trusting that it will be poured out upon us.”

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