Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Original 12 Apostles and 12 Disciples

It is interesting to see how families were a part of the Apostleship and the Discipleship in the Early Church.
The Original Twelve Apostles (See Matthew 10:1-10)
 1. Simon Peter
2. Andrew
       Peter and Andrew are brothers
3. James
4. John
       James and John are brothers; sons of Zebedee; known as the Sons of Thunder
5. Phillip
6. Bartholomew
7. (Doubting) Thomas, aka Didymus
8. Matthew (wrote the book of St. Matthew)
9. James
10. Judas (not Iscariot) aka Thaddaeus
       James and Judas (Thaddaeus) are brothers
11. Simon
12. Judas Iscariot

The Twelve Disciples (See 3 Nephi 19:4)
1. Nephi (wrote Third Nephi)
2. Timothy (Nephi raised him from the dead)
       Nephi and Timothy are brothers
3. Jonas (Nephi's son)
4. Mathoni
5. Mathonihah
       Mathoni and Mathonihah are brothers
6. Kumen
7. Kumenonhi
8. Jeremiah
9. Shemnon
10. Jonas
11. Zedekiah
12. Isaiah

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