Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've been on vacation from blogging.

In the very back of my mind in the deep parts of my heart, I have wanted to write something - anything, but for the sake of my family, but I had decided to forgo the hour a day for the almost two weeks.

I was surprised to see what happened when I took that hour and put it to "other" things . . .

     Two state reports finally completed by my fifth graders

     Two Pinewood Derby cars designed, cut and painted with my Wolf and Webelo sons

     An all-pink tied quilt for my daughter

     One country report in progress for my sixth grader

     Tending a black eye and a torn ligament in the left thumb of my fourth grader

     Four extra stories read to my kindergartner

     and a FINALLY finished I've-had-this-since-Christmas quilt project! (Phew)

I am amazed what can get squeezed into my time and fill it up - all 60 minutes of an hour of it.

I am also becoming aware of what adds to it and what takes away.

While I love many things and want to do so much, I am realizing that sometimes some things can be - and must be - put on hold for a while.

It's okay to go on a vacation!!

And believe it or not, the world won't stop spinning!

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