Sunday, May 30, 2010

Heed and Diligence

The morning after the Lord commanded Lehi to embark on a “journey into the wilderness,” Lehi awoke to find “a round ball of curious workmanship” placed in right smack-dab in front of the door of his tent.

Placed there by the Lord to guide Lehi and his family

The ball, as we know, was called the Liahona.

And it worked according “to the faith and diligence and heed” which Lehi and his family gave unto it.

Eventually, that ball helped to lead them to their promised destination.

Nearly 500 hundred years later, a man named Zeezrom inquires of the prophet Alma how “he might know more concerning the kingdom of God.”

Instead of Alma giving Zeezrom the Liahona, he gives him some timely counsel that serves well for me to understand.

1. The mysteries of God are made known to MANY! However, those who know are laid under strict command (perhaps under covenant?!) that they do not make those mysteries known.

2. Those who give unto God their heed and diligence (notice the same wording used by Nephi in describing the successful workings of the Liahona), He will impart His mysteries unto them.

3. Those who HARDEN their hearts receive a LESSER portion of His word.

4. Those who SOFTEN their hearts receive a GREATER portion of His word.

5. Those who have a LESSER portion will soon know nothing of His mysteries.

6. Those who have a GREATER portion will receive more and more until they know them in full!

7. When one has no portion of God’s word, they are then taken captive by the devil and led down to destruction. And this is what is meant by the chains of @#!*% !

And speaking about those “chains of @#!*% ,” it is important for me to remember that RIGHTEOUSNESS is THE KEY!   Personal righteousness is what binds up, thwarts, and usurps Satan’s power. It’s in keeping God’s commandments and in resisting iniquity (heed and diligence) that “the very powers of @#!*% [can be] shaken FOREVER; yea, the devil would [then], NEVER have power over the hearts of the children of men.”

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