Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference Report

Well, here are three of our children's reports from Conference.

The one on the left is by our seven year old who painstakingly cut out every. single. picture. that was copied and laid each one of them out during every. single. session. But I have to admit, he glued them all in order!

The one in the middle is by our ten year old who wanted to feel as old as his 12 and 13 year old brothers and decided against the cutting and pasting and just take notes.

The one on the right is by our nine year old who used his scripture journal/notebook to cut and paste the speakers' pictures and then take his personal notes.

This Conference we did try the treat bowl by topic approach:

Before the first session we put gospel phrases on pieces of paper and placed them in a bowl.  We drew two phrases out per session.  If a speaker spoke on that topic we had a treat bowl that everyone could take a treat or two.

For the most part it helped hold attention for our younger ones.

All laid out!

Notice the licorice treat on the barrel!

Enjoying Conference

Oh, how I HEART General Conference!!

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  1. I love the pictures and appreciate your example with your conference activities. I think it worked! And I like the thingy you have to side of your blog, there.