Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday - What God Thinks of Parents

"We were visiting a little ward in rural Idaho, and the Sunday School lesson happened to be on parenting. We sat quietly and anonymously and listened.

"There was another visitor there, kind of a sophisticated city slicker who seemed to have all the answers. He also seemed to have perfect kids because he prefaced each comment he made with something like, "Well, the way I communicate with my son, the student body president ..." or "The way I handled that with my daughter, the valedictorian ..."

"If it had just been a couple of times, it would have been fine, but about the sixth time he gave his perfect, pat answer about his perfect kids, you could almost hear the groans about this self-righteous guy who seemed to have no problems.

"Then, just after the first bell, a small, quiet-voiced farmer raised his hand, got called on, stood up and turned to face the big bragger. 'Excuse me,' he said with a high-pitched country twang, 'but God must notta thought much of you as a parent, sendin' ya all them easy kids.'"

- Linda and Richard Eyre
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  1. I heard this on a program on KSL (it comes on after "Music and The Spoken Word") a few Sundays ago. It made an impression on me and has given me hope of family and life in general. "God loves whom He chastens." I keep reminding myself of that.

  2. Definitely not something you want to hear in church, over and over again; been there done that one Sunday with a guy and his family visiting our Gospel Doctrine class from Idaho. Maybe it was the same dad.

    I have been told that I was just lucky to have "good" children born to me and I hate hearing that. I would like to think that what my husband and I have done, raising children and all has made a dent (a good one). :)