Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There, There Little Luxury

In the past few weeks I think I've had my fair share of solicitations for a TV "package."  Here is a sample of how the conversation goes:

Salesperson: Just wondering if you currently have a TV package.

Me: Yes, yes we do.

Salesperson: Oh, do you have Direct TV?

Me: No.

Salesperson: Okay. Do you have Comcast?

Me: No.

Salesperson: Is your package with Qwest?

Me: No.

Salesperson: I thought you said you had a TV package.

Me: Of course we have a TV package.

Salesperson: You mean . . . you're still on the antenna? (GASP) That's a dying breed, you know.

Me: Yes. Yes I know.  And we're not interested in coming back from the dead.

After at least six of these little conversations one of my sons asked me WHY we don't have a TV package (interpretation: Why don't we have access to all the Sports Channels???).

To which I recited this sweet little ditty from President Ezra Taft Benson:

There, there little luxury, don't you cry . . .
You'll be a necessity by and by.

So I got to thinking about what is considered a necessity in our home and what is a luxury. Here is just a short list.

Necessity: Toilet Paper
Luxury: Puffs Tissue with lotion

Necessity: 25 lb. bags of flour and sugar
Luxury: Store-bought donuts, cakes or cookies

Necesity: Gasoline for the 15 passenger van
Luxury: Filling that baby to F.U.L.L.

Necessity: Chocolate chips (really!)
Luxury: Liquid-filled imported German chocolate bars, dark chocolate filled with hazelnuts, REAL homemade hot chocolate with chocolate and cream . . .

Necessity: Books! Books! Books!
Luxury: Purchasing books (So glad we have access to a GREAT library)!

Necessity: Bar Soap
Luxury: Body Wash

Necessity: Real butter
Luxury: Having more butter in the freezer

Necessity: Eating dinner as a family
Luxury: Eating OUT as a family

Necessity: Clothes
Luxury: Clean clothes (just joking!)

Necessity: Ice Cream (we have ice cream sundaes every Fast Sunday)
Luxury: Going to Cold Stone or a Fro-yo

Okay, so I noticed that MOST of our necessities are in the food category.  Can't help if we LOVE food!

So, what are your family's necessities?  Luxuries?  I'd love to hear!


  1. Necessity: Internet Access
    Luxury: Netflix

    Necessity: Food
    Luxury: Prepared Food

    Necessity: Kids
    Luxury: Kids that are not fighting, crying, yelling, pushing, poking, whining, or whimpering

  2. Very true, right now. You learn what you REALLY need and learn what is REALLY just a want.

    I love our antenna and our cheap toilet paper, although I gave up on Walmart tissues recently because they were just too rough.

    I love that we buy cheese and shred it ourselves and that I've gotten to the point where I can make homemade breadsticks in 20 minutes(+20 min. to bake).

    And I actually prefer to use bar soap and love the library, however, I've found we go through butter so fast and it's gone up in price so much lately that I have to stock up when it's on sale(yeah, right!) and freeze it. Hmm, how to make your own butter...I need a cow.

  3. First, you have a sweet blog. Makes me feel happy:) Second, what a great responsibility you have raising all those young boys to be responsible men that will leave a positive print on this world. I know you know that, but my, how intimidating. And finally, though i only have 2 children (and one baking, due in May) I certainly get the necessities vs. luxuries. Some of ours would have to be:

    necessity: playthings/activities
    luxury: NEW playthings/activities...we love thrift stores and garage sales:)

    necessity: ice cream
    luxury: Cold Stone

    necessity: cheese
    luxury: really super yummy cheese from Whole Foods...mmm....