Friday, March 4, 2011

Moving to Florida

Last night my husband and I watched a little story on ABC's Nightline about the "High-End Real Estate."

It involves two developers who built a 30,000 square foot home (yup, that's a three with four zeros behind it), complete with 10 bedrooms, 14 baths and NINE kitchens, selling for a cool 60 MILLION dollars.

Some of it's selling features:
* The estate takes up two acres of land. (TWO acres!)

* Five separate buildings are connected by pools and waterfalls - not to overlook the beach with imported sand from the Bahamas! (Sand from the Bahamas or sand from the mountains, my children will find a way to bring it in the house no matter what).

* The front yard has a mature palm tree grove transplated at a cost of $65,000 per tree. (You't think a tree would be tree-house worthy at that price).

* The outdoor kitchen (remember there are eight more scattered around) is big enough to host a family party of 12, overlooking one of the house's pools AND Biscayne Bay.

* In the main dining area there's a bar sporting a Mother of Pearl wall behind it. (Hey, there is a Mother in our dining area ever night, but se certainly isn't called Pearl).

* There are 12 refrigerators in the house. (Okay, this could be a bonus, but then there's the grocery bill to have them stocked for eight starving kids) (Or so they claim).

* There is a 3D movie theater (which can double as a recording studio) and a surround-sound system in every room.  (Hey, with the size of our family, there is surround sound in every room, too!)

* And finally, the neighbors, amidst the 30 other homes here and a 300-acre golf course: the singer Julio Iglesias and retired Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula.

And as I watched - incredulously, mind you - this resort home being displayed, I thought to myself, "Ooh, what kind of wonderful, crazy havoc could a Mormon family of (almost) eleven raise in such an elite part of Florida?" (Complete with a nine kids under 13 and a styling, 15-passenger van).

DARN!  We are 60 million dollars under budget to find out! (Phew!  Am I glad)!

For pictures of this house, CLICK HERE


  1. I'm so glad you're not moving to Florida.

    That home sounds empty and in need of a good dose of your family. As much as I'd love to bring the home back to reality, I don't think I'd wish it on your family for the world...

  2. Darla, you must stop leading us onm with your blog titles. "Final Blog" and "Moving to Florida" are wreaking havoc on my already over-stressed heart.

  3. I'm in Florida.... if you look again you just may find a "Just Reduced" sign on the front lawn. :)