Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ironing It All Out

The other day I had to buy the family myself a new iron.

The last time I bought a new iron was five years ago.

And it looked just like my Granny’s iron.

It had a hole to fill up with water, orange UP FOR STEAM button, and a plug - to plug into the wall.

There was no fancy steam/mist/spray/dry clean only buttons.

No Teflon, non-stick, twenty-two holed face plate.

No retractable, Indian Jones whip-like cord that causes severe bodily damage if pulled too quickly.

No automatic turn-off features for three different placement positions.

And definitely NO owner’s manual.

So there I was, looking at 16 different irons with all these fancy-schmancy features when all I wanted was a simle iron like the one I bought five years ago.

But they don’t make simple irons anymore!!

So I bought one with all the loaded features (because there was no other alternative) knowing full well that the heat setting will ALWAYS stay on COTTON, the water setting will never change from STEAM.

And quite aware that when I will need a new iron (in about five years), I am sure will be mourning the loss of this one, which, by then, will be “simple.”

PLEASE don't tell me that I’ll need an iPhone to use the iron I buy next!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Darla.

    If it helps any, every time I go to D.I. or Saver's there's a good pile of irons looking none to fancy or new...