Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cleaning Closets

New Year’s Resolution #364 – Clean out every closet and every drawer in the house.


Okay, double ha.

But today I did clean out the two (out of HOW MANY?) drawers!

They belonged to my five and six year olds.

And it really wasn’t that bad.

I ended up with a great, big Papa Bear pile of clothes for the thrift store.

A medium-sized Mama Bear pile of clothes for rags.

And a teeny, tiny Baby Bear pile of clothes to give away to cousins.

And when I finished, I stepped back and felt SO, DARN EXTREMELY GOOD about my two-drawer organizational ability.

Because when it comes to cleaning out closets and drawers, the one who cleans it is the one who’s most satisfied.

Which made me recognize that repentance is like cleaning closets.

Because only I know the mess that is inside of me.

Only I know what needs to be thrown out, changed, cleansed, replaced, purged.

And I am the only one that can choose when and how to clean myself out.

Not that the cleaning and organizing the inside of me is easy . . . or enjoyable.

But after I do the dirty deed and step back to look at my work, I can feel so darn extremely good knowing that – at least on this type of cleaning – through the infinite love and godly sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our Savior, He was able to take my meager two-drawer organizational ability and make my closet clean again.

His type of clean.

The type of clean that is next to Him.

Until I realize that I’ve collected too much junk and need Him to help me clean out my closet - again.

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