Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Names

Up to this point it has been a no brainer for my husband and me.

For because the day we found out what genders our babies were, we had a name already chosen for those sweet little ones.

All eight of them!

Even the twins.

But here comes number baby number nine with no name in sight.


I even went the distance to check out baby name books (BABY! NAME! BOOKS!) from the library because I am going name brain just wondering about it.

And in looking at the 100,000 plus names, like all the spellings of Katy, Katie, Kaydee, Kaidie, Kaydie, out there, I'm thinking that maybe Prudence is sounding better and better. (Not really).

But it got me thinking about names.

Because I just finished reading 2 Nephi 3.

About Lehi giving a blessing to his son Joseph, who is named after Joseph of Egypt, who sees our day and prophesies about a latter-day prophet who would be named Joseph after his father . . .

And how, on that glorious spring morning of 1820, God the Father introduces His Only Begotten Son to a young, 14 year old boy  and calls him by his name - "Joseph."

Because Joseph was his designated earth name from the very beginning.

Like was Adam’s.

And Moses’.

And John the Baptist’s.

And Mary’s.

And Jesus’.

What were the thoughts of the parents as they named their children?

Of course we know the account of Elizabeth and Zacharias when it came to naming John.

And we know of Mary’s visit from the angel that she was to name her son Jesus.

But Joseph was the Junior, he being the fifth son of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith.

And while I don’t know much, or even anything at all, this little I do know. Whatever name we finally decide to give this little girl that will enter into the world, Father will know her name.

And when He will speak to her heart and to her mind through the power of Holy Ghost, He will call her by her name.

And as she listens, she will know that she is known.


  1. What a good post. I was fascinated that you already had the names picked out for all the Jones' children!! Love it. But, I think you should name the new baby, wait for it. Noel. What about that? Just a thought ;)

  2. I had already been pondering about the importance of names AND about revelation. Thank you for this beautiful connection between the two. I have been imagining each prompting I have received since reading this post is preceded by my name. I love how that emphasizes how we are known and loved individually. Thank you so much.

    Also, congrats on your new baby. I have 7 boys and one girl too.