Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday - Word Nerd

I love words! And I happen to find this book at the library that is filled with interesting info about the meaning of words, the origin of words and other cool facts. I thought I would share 26 of them. Enjoy!

Anger comes from an Old Norse word meaning “grief”

Buculets are the little bumpers on the underside of a toilet seat. (Important info for when you are toilet training).

Late-night refrigerator raiding is called cleptobiosis. (Personally, I like cleptobiosis of chocolate cheese cake).

To doattee is to nod the head when sleep comes on while one is sitting. (Hmmm.  A good word to know as a tired student to impress an annoyed teacher?!)

Exorbitant was originally a legal term for a case outside the scope of a law and since it implies going :out of orbit,” also first meant “deviating from the true path.”

A flick with the finger and the thumb is a fyerk.

A gump is a large umbrella. (Put that on your patio!)

The third eyelid of dogs or cats is the haw. (Haw, haw, haw)

The sparks and embers rising from a fire are izles.

Originally, a journal was a book listing the times of daily prayer (from Latin diurnalis, “belonging to the day”).

Kew-kaw is another way of saying upside down.

A child that cries or screams all the time is a lolaby.

Mutual applies to reciprocal relationships between two or more things. (WOW! Think about youth night!)

Minute or meticulous handwriting is niggle.

O is the oldest letter of our alphabet!

An apple seed or lemon seed is a pip.

A quidnunc is a gossip or inquisitive person who always wants to know what is going on – and the only word that ends in “unc.”

Render comes from Latin reddere, “give back,” and then rendere. (Think of what King Benjamin said, “ye are eternally indebted to your Heavenly Father, to render to Him all that you have and are). (Mosiah 2:34).

Sialagogue is anything that makes the mouth water; sialogogic is causing one to salivate.

A tittynope is a small quantity of anything left over. (Maybe I can use that as the title for my next dinner menu item!)

Umbra is the darkest part of a shadow.

Vaseline gets its name from the German word for water, the Greek word for oil, plus the suffix –ine.

WD-40 stands for “Water Displacement-40th attempt.”

Xanthodontous is having yellow teeth.

Yeepsen is anything that can be held in two hands, a double handful. ("I want yeepsen!  I want yeepsen!" are the cries of my children).

A zizz is a nap.

You can find over 17,000 over interesting words in the book Word Nerd by Barbara Ann Kipfer!

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  1. I love words also....I am going to have to get this book + one for my sister. Your blog is wonderful. I stumbled upon it quite a while back and keep it handy to geek at every now and then. Thank you for sharing your spirituality and testimony.