Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazed Lunatic

Today, I single-handedly took EIGHT children - all squished between the ages of 4 through 13 - shopping for school stuff.

Yes, I am a crazed lunatic.

No doubt.

I was brutally tortured. 

I repeated over and over "Please stop that!" that I should've just recorded it on my phone and kept pushing play.

Furthermore, I was made keenly aware that LIFE HAPPENS when eight things are running in and out of focus and my brain can only focus on what size the five year old is.


But McDonald's $1 Menu TOTALLY paid off!

I mean, 2 fruit pies + a water = definitely a square meal on a day like today!

And boy, they ALL love their NEW socks. (For because there's nothing like the feeling of putting your feet in a pair of new, plushy socks, is there?!)

And just for a teensy, weensy moment, all those warmy, fuzzy "Thank you's" made me think that maybe going shopping today with EIGHT kids wasn't so bad . . .

Yes, I am a crazed lunatic!

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