Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

Darn Tooth Fairy.

She never seems to arrives to our house on time.  Sometimes, she hasn't even come at all.  How simply unreliable she is!  And my children are getting very frustrated!  One of them has been waiting for over a week  for a visit.  Of course, in the waiting, he has really lost his tooth and has resorted to a written-from-dictation note that reads: "Dear Tooth Fairy, I have lost my tooth.  Will you please forgive me?" 

And, can you believe it, SHE STILL HASN'T SHOWED UP!
So this morning both he and I vented - together - about that darned Tooth Fairy!

Son (showing me his letter): I don't think Tooth Fairy even cares about my tooth.

Me: What is going on with that Tooth Fairy?

Son: I don't know but he (it's a HE to him) is making me MAD!

Me: He (hee hee for me) is making me mad, too.

Son (grabbing his letter between both hands): And now I'm going to tear up this letter to HIM!

Me: I would, too. That darn Tooth Fairy.

And then my son suddenly stops, turns to look at me in a most cautious, reverent manner. His eyes big.  "But Mom, what if the Tooth Fairy is Jesus?"

Melt my heat because of his incredible sense of reverence and fear (fear in a good, respectful way) for the Lord.

Me (the one now learning the lesson): No.  No, Jesus is NOT the Tooth Fairy.  Because if He were, you would be assured you would receive what you were promised. No, Jesus is NOT the Tooth Fairy.

And a very good lesson for me to learn.  (Darn Tooth Fairy).

Thank you my son.

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