Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friends and Family

Here are a few things I have learned this weekend:

• Be grateful for parents. Very grateful. No one else would be so willing to step in a take care of six grandchildren, one neighbor boy, and a dog on a moment’s notice!

• My neighbors are IT! They bought pizza for my children, helped my mom with the said six children, neighbor boy, and one dog while my dad drove us to the ER. They called, prayed, texted, visited, brought dinner and delivered chocolates. They were the Lord’s attending angels to our family this weekend!

• And speaking of neighbors, knowing beforehand which one of your neighbors has the tools to cut off a zip-tie on a very constricted six year-old finger may save you a trip to an Extended Hours Medical Clinic.

• Two things in one night that you didn’t ever expect to happen could very well happen!! Going to an Extended Hour Medical Clinic AND the ER for two separate children in two separate incidents can very well happen.

• All the First Aid training at Girls’ Camp may pay off. But it didn’t for me. A fractured humerus on a 10 year-old boy = Call 911.

• FOLLOW THE SPIRIT! I don’t ever carry cash, but earlier this week I had a feeling to get an extra twenty in cash while at the grocery store. I had no idea why. Cash. Burning. In. My. Pocket. Little did I know on Tuesday that it’s what would keep me fed while in the ER on Friday.

• As I observed the condition of children and their parents in the ER waiting room, I longed to help: One teenage girl lay on a couch, huddled in a ball, looking so cold. Why didn’t I take an extra blanket? One mother clutched her young toddler close. She looked like English was her second language. Why couldn’t I speak in her tongue so I could help put her at ease? One young boy resembled one of my own and oh, how I wanted to reach out a hold him and let him know everything would be okay. And that’s when my mind caught upon the thought of WHY God wants us to be humble. For me, so mortal (and finite to the core), it is so much easier for me to love those who are in a state of such need (take the earthquake in Haiti and how it has opened hearts). Is it because we are easier to love when we are in the state of wanting help? His help? I don’t know, but the scene in the ER waiting room made me want to be more eager to be humble for the Lord.

• It’s a small world after all (Darn it, now I’m singing the song)! And God does work in mysterious ways! Of all the nurses that could have been assigned my son, she happened to be the best friend of my cousin! As soon as we made that connection (which was within the first 30 seconds of her entering our room), I KNEW she was sent as one of God’s tender mercies!

• Overnight Scout Camp Must Go On! All I could do was text my husband and let him know that all of this excitement happened without him. It really made me appreciate my warm hospital bed while he was sleeping in 4 degree temperature.

• My Bishop Rocks! Yeah, I know. That was on a T-shirt and I may be incriminated now for using the slogan, but it is TRUE! And how glad and blessed I am to know that the Lord has His shepherds here on earth! To help me. A little sheep. Who found herself and her son at the hospital all night. Thank you, Bishop!

• The Savior loves us so much. And even in those times when life happens (because it does when we are trying so hard to just get back to Him), He provides a way for us to see His hand. Our job is to recognize it and thank Him for the journey.


  1. I love your "spiritual musings." Thank you for sharing them. Becoming Christlike is a continual work in progress and I'm so grateful He is patient with me as I take my baby steps forward.

    I hope all is well with your cute family (and that you won't have anymore ER visits for awhile.) I love your family picture!!!!!

  2. I'm grateful He allows us to learn as we do - making mistakes, thinking we're so "grown-up," falling as we make baby steps . . . and He is ever there, waiting and loveing us back to Him!