Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WANTED: A Gas Dryer

Once an appliance repair guy told me that a dryer should successfully dry a load of laundry in not more than 30 minutes. . .

Currently, my 14 year old dryer is taking 92 minutes to dry a load.


In mother math that calculates to: less time to do everything else that needs to get done anyway!  In daddy math it equals out to about a cool 50.6 HOURS A WEEK!!! And that does not include sorting, washing, sorting, folding, putting away, ironing, or hanging up.

Or matching socks.

Or making brownies for dessert.

But I digress. I am in the market for a high capacity, super duty dryer.  One that will take six days of my week and give me back a mere 34 hours so I can spend it on the above mentioned, matching socks. . . and eating brownies.

Mind you, the dryer doesn't have to be new.  And it doesn't even have to match my washer. 

Because I have yet to be invited into someone's house to sit down in the comfort of their laundry room. . . just because the washer and dryer look so matchingly good.

Oh, if you know of a dryer that has a SEEK and FIND sock option, that may give me back an extra hour from matching socks so I can spend it scrubbing the collars of eight, white Sunday shirts.


  1. this week I learned that when your dryer vent goes into a cold area condensation can build up and dryer lint can become wet and when it dry's it's like concrete and it will clog the vent.
    I hope you find a nice dryer that will only take 30 minutes to dry so you can eat brownies. I'm enjoying brownies now that my dryer only takes 30 min to dry things as apposed to 2 hours. Happy drying & I still think about that manservant every time I wall into the laundry room.

    love your posts
    Thanks edie

  2. Just last week I thought I needed a new dryer and my handyman husband found that it wasn't plugged in all the way (electric dryers are like that). Maybe you already know this, but when you get that new dryer, shake out the clothes before you put them in. They dry faster if they're not all twisted up and bunched into knots. For a long time I matched up the socks BEFORE they went into the washer. It meant that sometimes I had to go to the children's rooms and search around, under beds, etc. for the missing sock, but I never lost one in the dryer! Now I just keep a small basket on the dryer and toss the orphans in there. When it is full I start matching socks and returning them to their owners. I wish you swift success in finding another dryer!

  3. Beware of energy efficient dryers. My new dryer spends half the drying cycle with cold air. So if I don't get to setting it back to the beginning half way through the cycle, I have to run the dryer for another 30+ minutes by restarting.

    Our energy efficient dish washer has a similar problem. It uses a lot less water to be energy efficient, so well duh, it takes water to clean, and we have to make sure our dishes are well rinsed before we load them into the energy efficient dish washer.

  4. My husband just called and left a message, so I won't go into that part. But what you said about how nobody invites people to come and sit in their laundry room made me smile! :) Our laundry room consists of folding doors in the kitchen/dining area. Which means I'm always sliding laundry baskets to different rooms to hide them if someone comes to eat! :D I also wanted to show you a picture of our un-matching washer and dryer. I found it in a blog post that was part of a photo challenge I did one time:

    When we moved here, we didn't have a gas hook up for the laundry... fireplace, yes; water heater and furnace, yes; no dryer. We moved here in the Spring, so I just hung everything out to dry in the backyard. My across-the-street neighbor is the sister of the couple we bought the house from and she gave us the retractable clotheslines they had hung in the backyard. Yay! I got really good at hanging our whities between other things and folded up so hopefully I wasn't running everything up a flagpole, but you get the idea. Well, our neighbors 2 doors down past our backyard stopped by one day and offered us a dryer. I was more than slightly embarrassed since they probably had clear views of all of our laundry hanging. But they were getting new ones and the almond colored dryer they had had roughly forever was up for grabs and it was electric. It has worked like a dream since we've had it... especially since we re-wired the lint catcher screen back to the broken handle with pipe cleaners! :D

    So, unless you get a better offer, I would love if our dryer could be put to good use drying all those white shirts that I SO loved seeing your boys in every week!

    And as for socks, we have a boys sock basket and a girls sock basket and they dig for their own!! :D

  5. Very interesting comments about socks and energy-efficient dryers. I need to look into it. With 4 girls, I put all their socks(all the same size)in 1 basket(Elyse's basket -who's bedroom is upstairs) so they/I don't have to wander down to their room to hunt for socks. Here's to hoping you can find a dryer to help give you more time for baking.