Friday, March 2, 2012

"Here, Dad"

So the afternoon after our van accident, which we sold to the mechanic for $400 because it was now worth more dead than alive, I saw my six year old digging in his dresser drawer.  He was pulling out the money he had received from his birthday last month.  Two five dollar bills, along with a quarter,  a nickel and two pennies.

He didn't know I was watching as he filled his little hands with his entire life savings.  He quietly closed the drawer and walked happily to the room in which my husband was looking for insurance information.

"Here, Dad," he smiled, as he placed the money on the table,  "Here is some money so you can buy a new van. I don't need slip on shoes as much as we need a car."

Sweet, sweet boy.  No wonder the Savior invites us to become like a little child.

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  1. From the mouth of babes. He's being raised right! ;)