Monday, October 3, 2011

Tipping Points and Miracles

I just got through reading two remarkable books, both by authors Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart. The books are entitled: "The Miracle of Freedom: 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World" and "Seven Miracles that Saved America: Why They Matter and Why We Should Have Hope."

These books gave me reason to ponder more deeply the vibrant, undeniable assertion that God does live and that He does care about nations, kindreds, tongues and people.

God cares about the earth that He formed and created and placed man thereon to till and sweat and multiply and replenish.

God cares about agency, liberty, and freedom.

God cares about you and He cares about me.

It has been during these pondering sessions that I realized that even in my small and rather simple life, there have been tipping points and significant miracles in my life.

I guess I never thought them as so until reading these books.

So I made two lists.

One list is contains the "Tipping Points" of my life.

The other list is entitled "Miracles" and contains, for now, just a brief summary of events, of which I have personal knowledge of the hand of the Lord protecting and preserving my life.

By all means these two lists are not long.

But every, single thing on both lists are real happenings in my life that adds to my certainty that God lives.

It also adds to my conviction that not only does God watch over and care for the great and marvelous (such as ancient prophets and the restoration of His true and everlasting gospel), but He is ever aware of the seemingly small and simple who are largely unknown by the 99.9% of all mankind (like the lilies of the field).

In my paltry attempt to remember God's direct hand in the tipping points and miracles of my life, I am filled with the absolute witness, confirmed by the Holy Spirit, of His interest in my mission on earth.

Indeed, it is humbling and marvelous for someone as nothing as me to think that His hand has been a part of my existence, even before I could ever remember.  How grateful I am for recognizing the "Tipping Points" and "Miracles" that have happened in my life this far!


  1. Great post! I think everyone should keep a journal specifically recording these things!

  2. What is the definition of tipping point? I am really interested to do this as I think it will help me see a few things in my life in a better light but wanted a little more to go off of. Could you share one or two things off your list that aren't too personal? Thanks!

  3. @Mama: What a great question! I hope I can answer it adequately. Here's what my definition of a tipping point is: any crucial point in life that would have altered the course of it if the "other" choice would have been made.

    One such critical point in my life was choosing which high school to attend. During my freshman year I chose to attend a school outside of my boundaries because the majority of "my friends" were going there. I learned rather quickly that standing for what was right was NOT popular at all and being a part of clique really meant exclusion, not the Lord's plan of inclusion. Needlesstosay, the Lord made me acutely aware of many things I would not have otherwise learned if my heart had not been so severely softened socially. :)
    The next year I made the decision to attend the high school within the boundary I lived. It was there that the Lord gave me the opportunity to put into practice the things that He taught me. And I had an incredible high school experience because of it. Not only did I have spiritual experiences that solidified my testimony of the gospel and God's plan for me, but it was where I met my future husband.
    I could have made the choice to endure the entire course of high school in one area, but one of the tipping points in my life came when I chose otherwise.

  4. So I'm supposed to be working - then I get sucked into your blog.

    must. resist. blog.

    OK. Great stuff. Thank you for this, and for the conference 6 word recaps.

  5. Thank you so much for illustrating it. I think I understand better now and I appreciate the time you took to explain!