Saturday, October 1, 2011

Priesthood Session of General Conference in Six Words (times four)

Because I didn't personally attend the priesthood session, here are four insights from the priesthood holders in our family who did:

Worthy males needed for priesthood service!

14 year old:
Esteem yourself highly as an LDS!

12 year old:
You CAN repent of your sins.

12 year old:
Put the priesthood power to work!

What six words describe what you (or your husband) learned during the priesthood session of general conference??


  1. We are God's mighty priesthood warriors! (Elder Holland's talk fired me up!)

  2. @Rhett: I listened to priesthood session last night!!! I mean, that is a BIG deal for me because guess what talks I read very first when I get the Ensign?!? Yup, the priesthood session. I LOVED it!