Friday, October 28, 2011

One Answer at a Time

I've thought of many different ways I can share my testimony.

While reading Mosiah 7, Ammon taught me something very important.

After being tied up, escorted to King Limhi and finally given permission to plead his cause, here is what Ammon did, "he went forth and bowed himself before the king; and rising again he said: O king, I am very thankful before God this day that I am yet alive, and am permitted to speak."

Did you get that?

Did you see how Ammon bore his testimony of God to the king right from the very beginning?

Which makes me think about questions that I get from time to time and if my answers are bearing testimony of Him.

Question: Why did you move here?
Answer 1: Well, we sold our home and found that this area was most suitable to my husband's work.
Answer 2: The Lord was looking out for us and brought us to this area.

Question: Did you always plan on having nine children?
Answer 1: No way! If you would have told me that 14 years ago I would have laughed in your face or more seriously, had a mental break down.
Answer 2: No. But I have always willing to have as many children as God would want me to have.

Question: How do you manage having your husband self-employed?
Answer 1: I've learned to deal with it. At least he's happier working for himself than for someone else.
Answer 2: I'm learning that being self-employed gives our family sweet, learning opportunities to have faith in the Lord and recognize His marvelous blessings in our life.

Question: Do you do all of your own cooking and baking?
Answer 1: We certainly can't afford to go out to dinner as a family very often, if at all, so I've been consigned to be as frugal as possible.
Answer 2: The Lord has opened up the possibilities for me to learn new talents and skills.  Those talents have also allowed my family to eat some very delicious meals!

The other day my sister was in a car accident. It wasn't her fault. She was broadsided in a middle of an intersection. After the initial shock of what had happened and the assessment of the extensive damage done to her vehicle, the Spirit reminded her of was said during their family prayer that morning. That every member of their family would be safe and protected.

Okay, so there was major, collateral damage to the car. But she, and two of her children who were in the car, were unharmed. Unhurt.  Protected.

So when my sister approached the driver, who was sobbing hysterically and saying the words "I'm so sorry" over and over again, do you know what my sister did? She bore her testimony. She simply said, "It's okay! My family and I are okay because this morning during family prayer we prayed to the Lord that we would be safe. It is His miracle this afternoon that none of us are hurt!"

She bore her witness.

Just. Like. That.

And so like Ammon and my sister, I'm going to do better at sharing my testimony that God does live and that He does have a hand in my life.

One answer at a time.

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  1. I love this. And I'm so glad your sister and her children were unharmed! Thanks so much for blogging your insights. I don't seem to have as many of them as some people, but I do have the good sense to seek them out from those who are willing to share. ♥