Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2011 General Conference Meme

This is what's going on at Diapers and Divinity, so I decided to join in.  You can, too!!

First of all, I wanted to know, what in tarnation is a meme?  Now that I've got the idea of what a meme is, here are my thoughts on this weekend's General Conference!

1. Who were your three favorite speakers?
     Do I really have to pick only three?  I think I'll go with four :)

President Boyd K. Packer - I remember a talk he gave along these lines in October 1989.  It was a great reminder and comfort to me.

Neil L. Anderson - With a family of nine children we frequently get the question "Are these all yours?"  We had a good laugh together when we heard Elder Anderson say that.  And believe me, in a family of 11, life's no picnic!

Carl B. Cook - Not only did his message go straight to my heart, I was so awed by his humility.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland  - I admit, I watched the priesthood session Saturday night after my priesthood holders came home!  This was an INCREDIBLE talk!

2. Which talk spoke to you the most?
    The talk by Elder V. Devn Cornish on prayer.  Oh how I needed that this weekend!

3. What was your favorite Hymn and why did it move you?
     I Am A Child of God!
First, because who can hear that hymn without being moved to emotion because of the doctrine taught and secondly, because every single one of my children sang along with the choir.  It was a heavenly few moments in our General Conference Weekend home. (Not that we have a "weekend" home, just that our home was a place for General Conference this weekend.)
4. Which speaker was the best dressed? (Come on, we can have a little fun.)
WOW!  What incredible display of colorful ties! Red, being the most dominant color, with blue ties in second and black in third.  Elder Randall K. Bennett wore a sweet gold and brown tie. and President Uchtdorf's yellow tie on Sunday was pretty styling as well.

5. Were there any topics that you felt like were repeated often? Any conference “themes”?
     My children took note that  2 Nephi 32:3 and 2 Timothy 4:12 were scriptures that were repeated over and over again - even in priesthood session!
6. Share a few of your favorite quotes from any of the talks (paraphrasing is fine).
     Be Loyal to the Royal Within You
     Don't just say and pray
     The Savior has lifeboats for everyone!    
7. Name something(s) that made you smile or laugh during conference.
     President Monson's happy, surprising "Hello!"
8. Was there any evidence that your children paid attention?
     Ha Ha.  I hope my oldest was listening as he was drawing intently on a piece of paper.  The funny thing was between the Saturday morning and afternoon sessions of Conference one of my boys had a friend from our ward over to play.  Upon entering oue home, our boys asked him, "Hey, did you like Conference?"  "Umm, I didn't listen," he replied.  Ten minutes before the afternoon session began I said him, "You are more than welcome to stay and watch Conference with us."  He looked at me and said, "Uh, could I go home now?"  While our family room wasn't the most reverent place to listen to General Conference, I was pleased that my children opted to do so!

9. What doctrine did you learn as you listened to the choir(s) sing?
     God lives!  Jesus is the Christ!  I am happy and grateful to be alive!

10. Did the music enhance your General Conference experience? How?
     I loved having our whole family sing along with the congregation even if we were a little bit lot off key.

11. What are some of your post-conference goals?
     1) Dedicate more family scripture time and personal time to scripture memorization!
     2) Open my mouth and share my love of the gospel.
     3) Enjoy a juicy piece of fried chicken!


  1. Our family sang along too. I was a great general conference!

  2. We didn't get why every one laughed when Pres. Monson got up (in the middle of the session instead of the beginning as is typical) until we read in the Deseret News that he wasn't there when conference started as he was "delayed in route." He didn't arrive until the intermediate hymn of Redeemer of Israel! Hopefully, all is well with Sister Monson.

    We want fired chicken too! :)

  3. Ha! Chicken, huh? Thanks for participating. And I don't know if I'd ever seen a picture of you (up there in your profile) and you are just lovely.

    It was such a great conference. Loved it.