Sunday, September 4, 2011

What My 11 Year Old Taught Me Today

So as we were preparing our Sunday dinner my eleven year old made a dinner request.

Son: "Mom, can we have potatoes today?"

Me: "I think so.  I just need to see how many potatoes we have."

Son: "I really want mashed potatoes, with gravy."

Me (after checking on the potatoes): "Oh honey, we don't have enough potatoes to make mashed potatoes."

Son: "Okay.  I'm going to go look in the basement pantry to see if there is another bag."

Me: "Nope.  We don't have any potatoes in the pantry."

Son: "Mom!  Why did you say that?  What you needed to say was, 'Why don't you go check to see if there are potatoes in the pantry' even if you know there are no potatoes in the pantry.  At least that will give me hope . . ."

And then he added with a big, HUGE smile, "and maybe then, potatoes will appear in the pantry because of my faith."

Sweet boy.

Wonderful lesson for me.

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  1. I love your family and the kids!!!! You have such good kids and that is all of them not just one or two everyone of them are the most wonderful kids!!!! Please know how much you are all missed but never forgotten and always loved!!!!!!

    Love you all tons!!
    Husband, Dakota and Candie XXXXXXOOOOOO