Friday, September 23, 2011

Fathers Are Responsible to Provide the Necessities of Life

For the longest time, I had this very twisted notion stuck in my skull (you know, like David's rock planted dead center in Goliath's forehead) that in order for my husband to obey The Proclamation, he would need to provide our family with $$$,$$$ (although a very high $$,$$$ with 9's would also be acceptable) which, in turn, would allow me to most successfully fulfill my part of The Proclamation, which is to nourish our children.

Um, hasn't happened yet.

Not the $$$,$$$ or the $$,$$$$ with just one nine in the very front.

So, since my head wasn't making money sense of what "By divine design, fathers are  . . . responsible to provide the necessities of life" meant, I decided to look in a book - The Dictionario.

And what did I learn?

The word provide comes from the Latin word:  providere (pro, - before + videre  -to see).  It means:

1: to take precautionary measures

2: to make preparation to meet a need

And here's what else I learned!

There is NOTHING (nada, zippo, zilch) in the definition that says provide= $$$,$$$ or $$,$$$ with a fat, juicy nine leading the way. (If you see it, point it out to me, because that is how thick my skull is sometimes).

Which means after years of looking all around me and thinking I knew what "provide" meant, I've learned two things.

1) As my husband (wonderful, kind, sweet husband) continues to do his best in righteously providing for our family financially and physically and spiritually and emotionally, then HE IS obeying his end of the deal as taking responsibilty as a father

and 2) I am SO not excused from doing my part to nurture our children just because we do not have the $$$,$$$ (a.k.a. luxuries of life).

Because (ahem), n.e.c.e.s.s.i.t.i.e.s. are things that are required to live.  You know, stuff like food, clothing, shelter, fuel.

And last I checked, I'm living.

And so are my husband and our nine kids.

And we've got food in our pantry and milk in the fridge.

And we've never, ever walked out of our house naked.

And this morning I got all all our kidlings to school  - on time!!
Boy, am I ever thankful for spiritual brain surgery!!


  1. "Necessities" is what most people should look at for definition! Great insights as always.

  2. Ahhh....very true- didn't even think to look up that word in the dictionary! I agree with Chocolate Cranium, great insight :).
    ps- love your new profile look amazing and of course, I love your hair!

  3. lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for looking up the definition. I like provide = preparation to meet a need. And I stand in awe of those fathers (and mothers) who have the wisdom to see ahead to know what needs have to be met. Thanks for sharing.

  5. And the angel said, "Let there be Ross!" And no one went naked again.

  6. Nicely done. Glad to find your blog. Nice hair. (Is a guy supposed to say that?)