Sunday, April 3, 2016

Which General Conference Talk Was Your Favorite?

I remember as a young girl, I would always ask my mother a very simple after every General Conference, "Which talk was your favorite?"

In my young mind, the question was very simple because I, of course, had one favorite talk that I loved.

But she always responded, "I really liked all of them."

"No mom," I would retort, "you can only choose one. One speaker. One talk. Which one?"

"But I can't," she would always answer. "I loved all of them!"

So tonight, as we gathered as a family to share what we learned from General Conference this weekend, one my sons asked, "So mom, which talk was your favorite?"

And guess how I answered?

"It's soooo hard for me to choose because I really, really, really liked them all."

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