Thursday, March 17, 2016

When Life is Like Delicious, Warm, Banana Bread Gone Wrong

Bananas have been sitting in my kitchen for almost two weeks. I really believe my children have not eaten them on purpose because they are anticipating the moment they can cut into warm banana bread filled with mini chocolate chips and a mix of almond/vanilla/coconut flavorings.

Today, I decided to make a double batch. My twelve year old was salivating before I had even preheated the oven. I knew the loaves would be gone before their Dad got home from work. My four year old helped as we carefully measured the sugar, the salt, the flour, and the oil. I watched as she carefully and excitedly cracked the eggs in to a separate measuring cup and slowly poured them into the batter. Then, there were the chocolate chips. Ah, chocolate! Then it was grease and flour the pans. Pour in the batter, Place them in the oven.

Within a short time, the smell of warm, delicious banana bread began wafting through the house. Mix that with the first day of the NCAA Basketball Tournament and you’ve got yourself a house full of boys out of control.

With about 10 minutes bake time left, and an upset by Yale over Baylor, I peeked in the oven to gloat over my (and my four year old’s) banana sensation. And to my dismay, here is what I found.

Six loaves of temptingly delicious smelling banana bread that had everything doubled but the flour. I HAD FORGOTTEN TO DOUBLE THE FLOUR!!! I was heartsick. All those bananas. All those eggs and oil and . . . the chocolate?!

Boy, my children were they going to be severely disappointed to find their warm deliciousness in the trash.

Today I realized that sometimes life is like delicious, warm banana bread gone wrong. Sometimes, I forget to do just one thing and instead of being able to salvage the whole, I have to start over. And that's not always what I want to do because starting over is not easy.

Starting over is hard!

But I am learning that when I do start over, God will provide.

He always provides.

So tomorrow I will try my hand again at banana bread. After all, I still have a bunch of ripe bananas in my kitchen, a bag of mini chocolate chips in my freezer, and tomorrow is another exciting day of March Madness!

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