Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dial Your Trial

This was in my mailer a few weeks ago.

And I have been pondering on it ever since. . .

If trials were given to us based only upon us asking for them, what kind of trials would I actually choose?

Honestly, I wouldn't even call the number. Even if it was toll free!

And maybe if I chose something small and measly and mostly (entirely) undifficult, perhaps a 3 day/2 night vacation get away would be a good enough reward for completing my trial.

But I am learning that real-life, probationary-state trials are never free.

And I don't get to choose them because rarely do they come welcomed.

Because life's trials have driven me to my knees. They have brought me to repentance. They have stretched my capacity to feel, to want, to love. They have etched marks of wisdom and experience in the fleshy parts of my heart.

Trials, indeed, have changed (and continue to change) my life.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful. How true it is that our trials will changes us-hopefully for good! ❤️