Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Caterer

So for Thanksgiving I hosted 25 hungry, thankful people on Thanksgiving.  ("I", meaning I did most of it, with some handy help from my husband and a little, teensy weensy help from my children).

Four guests informed me, the night before Thanksgiving, they were coming. 15 of our guests were children under 16 years old (okay, nine of them were mine, but during Thanksgiving they are "guests" because we try to use our best dinner manners with other people over :).

We served a 22# turkey and a 22# ham, smashed patooties (that's what we call them), sweet papas (that's what we call them, too), red Jell-o with whipped topping, stuffing, blue cabbage (a family tradition), cranberry sauce, rolls, pies, ice cream and soda.

We ate till we could eat no more. . . then we started on dessert.

The NEXT morning, we again hosted another set of 25 for a Family Brunch, complete with yogurt parfaits, bagels and schmear (that's what Einstein's calls it) and juice.

And after TWO DAYS days of feeding and cleaning up after a meager 50, I've decided, HANDS DOWN, that Jesus Christ is THE Ultimate Caterer!


  1. He certainly is! I don't like that trite question "What would Jesus do?" for that very reason; He has powers and authority that I don't posses. A better question would be "What would Jesus want me to do?" So glad you had a good thanksgiving with lots of family near. I'm envious, we live too far away from family to be together. Merry Christmas!

    1. I love what you said and I like the better question you pose, "What would Jesus want ME to do?" Because what I would do maybe different what YOU would do, but doing what He wants will bring the same wonderful results! Thank you so much for saying!