Saturday, November 10, 2012

X-Large IS the new Medium

I never win anything.

If I were the only one to enter in a contest, I would lose!  So imagine my surprise when I entered a free raffle at a local sporting goods store and walked away with a women's sweatshirt.

Medium was the noted size, but honestly, it was barely large enough to fit my seven year old daughter!!!


So I asked the store if I could exchange it for a larger size.

And the larger size ended up being an EXTRA LARGE!!!

Either my body is playing tricks on me or someone in China is putting the wrong letters on women's clothing!!

1 comment:

  1. Sizing is the most confusing invention ever. I long for the day when sizing is done in inches as in a size 38 inch fits a 38 inch bust; none of this small, medium or large; or worse numbers that are meaningless "0" "2" "4" etc. Many mens items are sized that way, why can't women's be?
    Perhaps the shirt you got was mismarked, or maybe it was a youth size. Who knows? Sizing is ridiculous.