Monday, November 19, 2012

Visiting Teaching is NOT about me!

Last week my companion set up a visiting teaching appointment for this morning at 11:30 with a sister I have never met.  My companion has been her visiting teacher for a while.

The appointment was on my fridge calendar so I wouldn't forget.

And I remembered all week about visiting teaching - and even into yesterday.

But my early morning schedule changed and I completely forgot about visiting teaching because, you know, I got caught up in other stuff that was also pressing and also important.

So at exactly 11:18, as I was strategically planning my afternoon, the Spirit intervened and gently, yet emphatically reminded me that I had a visting teaching appointment.

Phew! I thought to myself. Now I won't look so bad on my first visit.

Well, just for the record, that is NOT what I should have been thinking nanoseconds after the Spirit had reminded me so tenderly of my covenant duty!

And because of my abundance of pride, I was immediately chastized!

For I learned the reason the Spirit reminded me of my visiting teaching appointment - It was NOT because God wanted me to look good . . .

It was because He wanted the sister to whom I have been assigned to know how much He loves her.


  1. Thank you for listening to the Spirit. I'm a newly called RS President in our branch and it is incredibly difficult to get the sister to understand that visiting teaching is actually going to the sister's home and seeing her face to face. Previous Presidents encouraged writing notes or cards to the point that some of the women would simply copy the VT page out of the Ensign and mail it with nothing else. I've lived here two years and have NEVER been visited by a member of the RS. Lots of work to do here. Very encouraging story, may I share it in my RS?

  2. @Rozy Lass: Congratulations on your new calling! I have no doubts that you have been called to make a difference - and I truly believe that visiting teaching will make that difference, one daughter of God at a time!!