Monday, November 26, 2012

Family Home Evening - Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ

Here's what we had for our Family Home Evening Treat . . . a pumpkin chocolate chip cake with a sweet, powdered sugar reminder of tonight's lesson! (Mainly because I can't stand frosting cakes and it was easier for me to Exacto-knife out the lettering from paper anyway!)

We took our Family Home Evening lesson from HERE.

And we taught the lesson backwards: to LOVE the gospel, we must LIVE the gospel.

But in order to LIVE the gospel, one must first KNOW the gospel.

The difference is easily seen in the attitudes and actions of Nephi and Laman and Lemuel.

Then each of us had the opportunity to take a sticky note and write ONE thing we weren't  LOVING about the gospel at the present. . .

Like, um, going to bed early and or attending family scriptures or fasting for the full 24 hours/2 meals or giving up on contention.

And we were to take that sticky note and place it in our scriptures so we would be reminded to STUDY THE DOCTRINE.

Because once we learn the doctrine, we can KNOW the doctrine.

And when we KNOW the doctrine it is easier to LIVE the doctrine.

And once we LIVE the doctrine, it won't be too long until we LOVE the doctrine.

"All truth and knowledge is important, but amidst the constant distractions of our daily lives, we must especially pay attention to increasing our gospel knowledge so we can understand how to apply gospel principles to our lives. As our gospel knowledge increases, we will begin to feel confident in our testimonies and be able to state, 'I know it.'"
As an added reminder, our 10 year old had us make bracelets with Duct tape with the phrase, "Know it. Live it. Love it."  We are to wear it ALL week as a reminder not to be ashamed of the gospel of Christ.


  1. How sweet of your 10YO to make those bracelets - yummy treat, too! Love the idea of teaching it backwards. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love it when you share things like this. It makes me so excited to have fhe someday in my own home. I hope I can make mine as spiritual, proactive, and creative as yours!