Friday, February 3, 2012

Facing the Giants

You'd think that in a house full of seven boys and a husband who enjoys playing sports with his sons, Super Bowl Sunday would be the most anticipated Sunday of the year.

But not at our house.

We chose long ago that for our family Sundays would be dedicated to the Lord, not to sports.

But just this last week we discovered this amazing, uplifting movie. . . just in time for the Super Bowl Weekend.


  1. One of the things about my husband I'm most thankful for is that he doesn't follow sports on TV. Most years we don't even know who is playing in the Super Bowl or the World Series, etc. And! I just found Facing the Giants at the store this week and purchased it. It's by the same group who did Courageous, and Fireproof. They are great movies!

  2. We watched 17 Miracles on that Sunday and you KNOW that no one love sports more than me. Remind a few of your family members that the Cougars NEVER play on Sunday. :-)