Sunday, May 22, 2011

Talents Shared

This scrumptiously delicious cupcake arrangement, along with the homemade cupcake stand, was hand-delivered to me this afternoon by my dear friend Blue.  (You just have to click RIGHT HERE to see a gallery of pictures showing off the pure talent this woman possesses.)

I have a pretty short list of things I can do.  Just FYI: Decorating Cakes and Crafts is on the very top of my five-mile long list of things I cannot do.  Nope.  I wasn't given the talent nor the patience for doing either.

So before we happily consumed DEVOURED those Oreo-cream filled chocolate cupcakes topped with mint frosting and bits of mint Oreo cookies, I took this photo to remind me of a few important things:

1. How grateful I am for dear friends and lasting friendships!
2. Enjoying the talents I do not posses comes when others share their incredible talents with me.
3. And boy, am I happy that chocolate was not one of the avoidable items in the Word of Wisdom!

Thank you Blue and Bunch and Gator!

1 comment:

  1. I just feel bad that it took me almost 2 months from her arrival to actually get a little welcome to you! And I confess that that prospect of preparing food for a dozen mouths actually makes me freak out...don't know how you do that multiple times a day, every day!

    But we were so happy you were home today. And I'm so glad that my kids got to meet your family. And they saw at a glance how you operate such a thing as getting dinner ready and organized (they noticed the set table and chicken on the grill).

    I think the list of things you CAN do would be endless if you weren't otherwise occupied raising your amazing kids. If you only had a bunchNgator, you'd be tilting the earth's axis with your mad skillz. As it is, you're changing the world, one awesome kid at a time. I'm just baking cakes.

    Who knew such good things would ever come from a ruptured appendix?! ♥