Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

To the woman who taught me that praying with faith can find lost contact lenses, misplaced keys, open locked doors, soften bully boys' hearts, help three year olds park over-sized wagons and prevent rain from falling until the last bit of tarp has covered the roof of a house under construction.

To the woman who sees the very best in the most cantankerous member of her ward, gives Books of Mormon to perfect strangers, totally rocks at making the very best chocolate cake this side of the Mississippi and who kicked Stage 3 Breast Cancer in the butt!

To the woman who has loved and protected her four children more devotedly than a Mama Cub (sorry, Sarah Palin), is a living legacy to 20 adorable grandchildren, and, after all these years still puts up with my Dad (hee hee).

My mom instilled in me a desire to follow the Savior, a love for dark chocolate, the familiarity of the faith-filled stories of the Book of Mormon, the ability to accompany vocalists, and the expectation to let my "light so shine."

Happy Birthday to my amazing Mom!

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