Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday - Promptings of the Spirit

"I have come to understand that the value of following the prompting of the Spirit does not lie in knowing what happened to someone or in having a nice story to tell, but rather in knowing you have done what the Lord wanted you to do.

"In one sense it doesn't really matter how things turn out with someone else.  What matters is what we did.  Were we obedient to our charge?  Did we follow the promptings we were given?

"The Lord gives the increase.  We have the privilege of being instruments in His hand to bring about His purposes.  The results or the increase are up to Him.  We should never seek an outward sign of verification of our standing before Him, but rather seek the internal assurance that we have done what He wanted us to do."

-John H. Groberg
The Fire of Faith p. 148
(italics added)

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  1. I actually had this thought today as I was driving. Most of us will probably never hear or know how we've impacted other people's lives. Or maybe we'll just learn about it on the other side.

    Thanks for the list of books. How long did it take you to read all those? And with 8+ kids. You must be one efficient person, wife, and mother. Btw, you can link to my profile now at from my blog.