Monday, November 29, 2010

Family Home Evening - The ServANTS

I have reluctantly decided that my children need to take turns teaching Family Home Evening lessons.  Not because I don't think they can't do a great job (because they do), but because I LOVE teaching the gospel to my children.

But . . . I also realize that our children need the opportunity to teach . . . so they can learn.

So tonight it was time for our eight year-old son to take his turn.  He was given the direction to give a lesson on serving and/or giving.  He looked through a wonderful box of lesson ideas given to our family a few months ago from a dear friend and found the perfect one for tonight!
Our lesson was about a wonderful family of Ants.  A mom and dad ant and sibling ants: Persist-ANT, Observ-ANT, Dilig-ANT, Obedi-ANT and last, but not least, Serv-ANT.

Each ant had their strengths.  And together, their strengths helped one another.  But our lesson focused on Serv-ANT, for "Serv-ANT said that it wasn't what he got in life that made him happy, but what he was able to give."

Which brought us to our annual FHE activity of making out our Christmas Lists.   Before doing so, we were able to discuss the Joy of Giving and the Joy of Receiving.  For we muct have both.

We also discussed the difference between wants and needs.  Reminding our children - our older ones, at least - that it is okay to have a Christmas Wish List, but none of us is entitled ro receive what we want just because.

I think our older children understood, for they made a Christmas wish list under WANTS and another under NEEDS.  Our younger ones, well, they just when on and on and on . . .  :)

And as we ended our Family Home Evening tonight, chatting over chocolate cake and ice cream, it was wonderful to hear the excitement of Christmas coming . . . of dreaming and wishing as well as recognizing that Christmas about the Joy of Giving and Serving.

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  1. I remember that lesson! Glad he found one he could use. And it's good for me to read this, because I've been feeling stressed about funding Christmas this year for my tiny little brood, and hadn't ever considered how my friends with larger families must feel about now.

    One friend who has 4 children has a system: each child gets three gifts-a book, an article of clothing that is needed, and a toy. It sure must simplify things to have a system!

    Recently, I was honestly pondering the possibility of getting everyone on board with just not having presents at all, and finding some noble cause to give to instead. You can imagine, as a momma, how that might fly with some kids. Balance is tricky sometimes.

    Ahh Christmas. So many chances to gain insight and learn.

    Hope you are feeling well my dear! ♥