Sunday, November 28, 2010

By Candlelight

Our ward choir is practicing for the Sacrament Christmas program the week of Christmas. And it never fails that when we go through a choral number together for the first time, I find myself on the emotional side of things as I contemplate the lyrics coupled with the melody and the accompaniment.

Today we began learning a new song entitled By Candlelight (music and lyrics by Ruth Elaine Schram). A beautiful Christmas song that puts emphasis on the holy, still night, illuminated by the light of candles.

While going through the music, I found myself wondering about this particular phrase:

Animals share their humble abode with Him willingly
But they seem to be asking “Why has He come,
And who is He? Is He royalty?”

And as I mulled it over in my finite mind, it occurred to me that of all the places where the Savior could have been born (not to mentioned where He should have been born), He was born in the only place where everyone – and everything present – could testify of His name.



And the animals.

I believe they knew who He was.

I believe they knew He was their Creator.

And though they could not speak to testify of Him, I believe that their testimony of Him was in their willingness to “share their humble abode with Him.”

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  1. Such a beautiful thought. Yes, I believe you're right.
    By small and is a plug for ward choir. The music and spirit of what we are preparing has touched me so meaningfully as well. Just a few humble people with not a ton of skill or experience, and needy in every way; and yet we are allowed to worship such a being in this way...I can't help thinking of the kind of songs and celebrations his faithful are preparing the world over and on the other side. Sometimes I like to imagine what it would sound like to hear it all at once and all together.