Monday, July 7, 2014

Make A Trek Satchel With 2 Bandanas!

We are heading off for a Pioneer Trek and these are great for carrying journals, water bottles, scriptures, treats, etc.

Step 1: You need one 22"x22" (approx.) bandana and a 4"x22" strip from an extra bandana.

Step 2: Fold the 22"x22" bandana in half and cut 2" from the fold (will make a 4"x22" piece when unfolded). This piece will serve as part of the handle.

Step 3: Leave one section full. Cut the other section in three. From each end, cut 4", leaving the middle section to be about 15"x9." The two 4"x9" pieces will be used to lengthen the strap.

Step 4: Take the 15"x9" piece, press ends under and finish the seam on both sides. This piece will be the outside pocket.

Step 5: Fold outside pocket in half both width-wise and length-wise and press. This will serve as your guide to sewing your seams

Step 6: Take the 9"x22" piece, folding and pressing in half width-wise. This piece will serve as your bag.

Step 7: Align the center lines of the main bag and outer pocket. Pin. Sew along vertical center line. Sew along one side horizontal line. This will divide one side of the outer pocket into two pockets.

This side has two pockets . . .

This side has one pocket . . .

Step 8: Zig-zag or serge ends together.

Step 9: Take the two 4"x9" and 4"x22" straps and fold and press in half, lengthwise.

Step 10: Tucking the unfinished edges into the finished edges, sew together. Be sure your folds are lined up.

Step 11: Zig-zag or serge both edges.

Step 12: Pin strap to bag. One edge of one strap on either side of bag. Be sure not to twist. 

Step 13: Sew strap securely to bag.

Step 14: Ta-Dah!

If the bag is too long, you can easily tie a knot on shoulder to shorten its length.

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