Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Family Home Evening - The Book of Mormon

My husband and I were inspired to do this lesson from THIS TALK.

Here's what we did:

Everyone was to bring to FHE their study/scripture journal, a writing utensil (if we say pencil, invariably someone asks if they can bring a pen - go figure), and a Book of Mormon.

1. Teach one Another: We read the title page of the Book of Mormon each to ourselves.  Then we shared with each other ONE phrase that popped out to us.

2. Personal Insight: I chose six paragraphs from THIS TALK which I thought could serve as a spring board for personal insight.  The instruction was to a) read the paragraph b) think about this question: "According to this paragraph, why would it be important for me to read and study the Book of Mormon?" and c) write down your thoughts in your study journal. (We did this in groups of two to help the younger children; this was the bulk of the lesson that took the most time).

3. Teach One Another: Each person shared one reason it was important for them to read and study the Book of Mormon.

4. We presented our Family Scripture Study Plan for 2014:  Each day we have an assignment to read in the Book of Mormon and write our thoughts and questions in our study journals.  We are to come prepared for Family Scripture the next day having read and ready to share the things we have written.

I have a feeling I will learn a lot from my family this year!

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