Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Friction Factor

The other day my six year old was very angry.

Temper Tantrum Angry.

And when she gets that way there is A LOT of friction that goes on.

So she and I sat down to talk about the "heat" that rises to the surface when we are angry.

And after a meaningful discussion, enough to calm her down, we ended up rubbing our hands together - as fast as we could - to be able to feel and understand the heat that comes when two opposing forces are up against each other.

And that's when I learned something about anger.

It comes when I pit my divine nature against my natural, carnal (wo)man.

And always  - not sometimes or even most of the time - when I submit to that friction, I come up empty.

And very, very warm!

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  1. I love you all very much!!! I always cry and then smile never ending when I read your posts!! Miss you all and love you all dearly!!