Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anything other than NO is Y.E.S.

Today my husband and I discussed a little teeny, tiny problem we are having at our house.

According to our otherwise adorable, lively, energetic children, any response to their Yes/No question other than a N.O. - and I mean anything - means YES.

Today for example.

Our five year old asked if he could play a game on the computer.

"I don't think so," I replied, rather firmly.

"Woo Hoo," he skipped off, dancing a little jig and waving his little fingers in the air as a sign of victory. "Mom said I could play the computer."

"Get over here young man!" I ordered. "I did not say 'yes.' I said 'I don't think so.'"

"I know." he smiled. "And that means YES."

Then tonight.

My husband and I were in the kitchen when our teenage son asked if he could download an original YouTube video his friend's Deacon's Quorum made about being a deacon.

"Can I download it tonight?"

"No. It's already past your bedtime," I answered.

"Okay then, how about tomorrow after school?"

"Perhaps tomorrow . . . 'er ," I slowed my pace, got my brain into focus, remembering that anything other than NO is a YES and responded, "No. No you can't download it tomorrow afterschool! But you can do it on Friday or Saturday when your homework is finished."

"What?!" he stuttered incredulously. "But you just said YES!"

That's when my husband and I broke into harmonious laughter.

We now are looking for someone to teach English to our children.


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