Saturday, July 16, 2011

I TOTALLY Crossed the Line

I really couldn't help it when it was pointed out to me that on occasion it is okay to cross the line . . .

Of course I don't recommend this as a regular practice . . .

And it really depends on what line . . .

But here is the line that I crossed . . .

And I share with you what I discovered . . .

1) A surety that God's words do come to pass.
2 Nephi 25:4 and 7

2) Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be.  The future's not mine you see.  But I resolve to endure it well.
2 Nephi 28:2 and 7

3) Not only did God create ALL things, He created me.
Mosiah 4: 9 and 12

4) Charity = Christ = Charity
Moroni 7:38 and 44

5) He can show me all things, including those things that hurt me the most.  But when those things are let go, I can become like Him.
Moroni 10:29 and 32

6) And for my very favorite. These ten words are why I began blogging in the first place.

Moroni 7:26 and 31


  1. NEAT! How did you discover this? I've pinned it to my Scripture Study board on pinterest. Love it.

  2. VERY Cool. One of those things that seem coincidental at the time... but....

  3. that is so cool- thanks for sharing!

  4. @Chocolate: Actually, I have a young woman to thank! She shared Moroni 7:26/31 with the Laurels after her seminary teacher shared it with her. It was the MOST amazing thing for me so I began looking at other scriptures that crossed the line!