Saturday, July 2, 2011

Four Weeks = An Eternity

For me, the Temple is one of the B.E.S.T. places to see people I haven't see in years.

And last night was no exception as I, quite literally, ran into my first missionary companion (a.k.a. Trainer) in the temple.

And as we had time to only visit for just a few minutes, I was amazed that one person could have had so much influence in my life in such a short amount of time.

For because we were only companions for four weeks!

Four weeks!

Because when I got to the mission field, she had 28 days or so before she went home from her mission!!

She being a seasoned 20 month missionary (yes, you read right, TWENTY MONTHS) and I, being the incoming eight-weeks-of-MTC greenie.
And yet, in that short period of time, her testimony of the gospel and her zeal for building the kingdom of God left an indelible impression upon my heart.

Just for the record, as soon as we left the apartment to work, my trainer spoke nothing but Spanish to me as we were walking and talking and teaching and knocking!!  Spanish.  And it wasn't the Spanish I heard in the MTC!  No, this one actually had a real accent and persons who talked back an wanted you to respond!!!

I laugh now because I did not understood a word.  Not one single word!  And yet, in those sweet moments of listening to her Spanish, the Lord was trying to teach me that if I worked as hard as my trainer, I would come to love the people and love the work as much as she did!

And do you know what else I discovered?  I discovered that sometimes, four weeks is long enough to be blessed for an eternity!

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