Thursday, June 9, 2011

Family Fun Alliteration

Alliteration: A sentence that's all littered with the same sound. (Another fun challenge from Cocoa . . .)

See how my seven, silly sons sit in succession on the see-saw?  They are psyched that school has stopped and summer has started!

 And their sibling sisters smiling so sweetly while supper is being served (sans spoon).

The Toothless Twosome takes time out from troublesome teasing and taunting to tout: Touché

Finally, don't let these faces, fraught with frolicking fun, fool you.  For their future is as bright as their faith!


  1. Haha, very fun to read! Your daughter looks so excited and happy to be feeding her younger sister a bottle.

  2. Love the pics of your BEAUTIFUL family!