Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Home Evening - The Worth of A Soul

We took our lesson from HERE.

Here's what we did:

Place the same number of the same fruit or vegetable in a bowl as you have members in your family. (We used potatoes.  You can use apples or oranges or zucchini, for example).

Give everyone a blindfold and have them put it on.

Pass the bowl around and have everyone choose a potato.  Since I was giving the lesson, I placed an initial using a watercolor marker on each potato after it was chosen.

We gave 2-3 minutes for everyone to examine and get to know their potato with their hands. (30 seconds into it I had to tell everyone that this activity was going to be a silent one because everyone had a silly comment to make).

I gathered the potatoes and then randomly passed them out.  The goal was for each person to find "their" potato.  I was AMAZED that everyone found 'their' potato!  Even the one person who didn't know for sure, ended up with the right one because everyone else knew FOR SURE they had their potato!

We read THIS scripture and invited family members to share experiences of how we have known that God knows us and values us.

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