Saturday, July 6, 2013

Filled with God's Love

The other day, while walking along at a Home Depot, I noticed a man walking towards me wearing a T-shirt with words and symbols that were contrary to my beliefs.

To be honest, judgmental thoughts started to creep into my mind.  But I decided to look up to see the face of this man.  As our eyes met, this man smiled at me which, automatically prompted me to smile back.

At that very moment my heart was filled with such immense and incredible love.  Not my love, but God's perfect love.

We passed each other and I continued my way to the check out.  But the feeling of God's love continued to envelope me with undeniable clarity, so much so that they took form as words into my mind as I heard this tender phrase whisper to my soul, "I love him and I love you."

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  1. Beautiful, Darla!! This blog post AND you! I miss you! I am in the primary pres in my new ward and just thinking about you and have missed our association with one another and wanted to search for you again and I still enjoy your blog!