Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Visual Vision

This month our night Relief Society Meeting theme was "Women of Vision" and we made 'Vision Boards.'

To be honest, I had never heard of a vision board before.

And I, being the MOST uncrafty person on the planet, was a little apprehensive of what the activity part of our meeting would entail.

We were to take pictures or items to put on our board as a representation of our goals.

My Goals!

And I really had to think about my goals -

I suppose I could have brought a sock to remind me that I should keep up on my laundry . . .

And a recipe card, because, after all, it seems like I make dinner seven nights a week, 365 days of the year, when it's probably closer to 350 days of the year. . .

And a Clorox Wipe label as a reminder to keep the bathrooms clean . . .

And a Costco receipt to remind me to keep in budget (because WHO keeps in budget when shopping at Costco?)

And after a long, hard think, I realized that my Vision Board wasn't supposed to be about laundry or dinner or cleaning or Costco . . .

It is supposed to be a gentle reminder that I am a Woman of Vision!

Now, if I can only get my children to fold their clothes before they stuff them in their drawers!


  1. I don't like thinking of my goals because I am not independent and unencumbered. In other words, I have a husband and five children! If I were to pursue my goals the rest of the family would have to sacrifice a whole lot of theirs and fend for themselves. To everything there is a time and a season. Right now I'm still in the "raising a family" season and I put the needs of them first. Anything for myself is squeezed in between helping my children and husband achieve their goals. I do have an overall vision which is somewhat like Heavenly Father's found in Moses 1:39, however I'm focusing on my work here which is found in D&C 11:20. By the way, I feel the same way about staying on budget at Costco (for me Sam's Club). Thanks for the lift. Keep up the good work.

    1. I agree! Having a family has put my goals into perspective. For example, my goal of quilting is placed (far) behind my responsibility of helping children with homework! However, I need to be constantly reminded - particularly when things are crazy and chaotic - that my need to hug my children far outweigh my immediate desire to string them up in a corner upside down. Thus I need to become more a Woman of Vision than just a Visionary Woman! :)

  2. Folding clothes is overrated. I have lived my whole life with clothes just shoved in drawers. The trick is to require that they be able to shut their drawers. If they can't they need to fold them or get rid of some.