Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Welcomed a Solicitor!

Remember THIS???

Well, I've waited FIVE. WHOLE. MONTHS. for a solicitor to knock on my door!!

And would you believe it, he knocked just moments after a small emergency arose amongst my younger children . . .

and seconds after my youngest threw off her diaper and was running willy-nilly all over the house. . .

and at the very point when the roux was at it's toasting perfection on the stove . . .

And to be totally honest when I peered out the peephole and saw it was a salesman, I was almost tempted to let the dog bark and the children scream and not even acknowledge the doorbell had rang - twice. . .

But I had waited for SO long to have a missionary experience like this.

So after managing to have my diaperless munchkin whisked away right as I opened the door, here's how the conversation went down:

Me (throwing the door wide open): Why, Hello!

Solicitor: Hello!

Me: What can I do for you today?

Solicitor: Well, I'm out here in the neighborhood today working on my salesmanship skills.

Me: How wonderful!

Solicitor: And I couldn't help noticing the sign on your door.

Me (smiling, because that's exactly a kind of line I used as a missionary): Well, what do you know about The the Church of of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Solicitor (sorta surprised I asked him a question): Uh, I'm from Missouri and I'm Christian.

Me: We are Christians, too.  And we, like you, believe in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Did you get a chance to look over some of the doctrines in which we believe.

Solicitor: A little.

So I point to the list of doctrines and ask him if there is one in particular in which he would be interested in learning more about and he points to "Eternal Families."

Solicitor: What does that mean?  I've never heard of that before.

Me: Well, we believe that families can be a forever unit even after death when it is performed by someone who holds the proper authority from God.

Solicitor: Wow!

And I shared a little more and then about that time I kind of felt bad that I was dominating his sales opportunity so I invited him to share what he was selling - which was magazine subscriptions and I regretted to inform him that I don't subscribe to ANY magazines (which is a true fact, except we do subscribe to the Church magazines, but it escaped my mind to mention those because about that time I heard my diaperless beauty screaming from the other room).  And that's when he realized he wasn't going to get a sale out of me . . .

"But wait!" I said, as he look really dejected as he started to turn and walk away, "I have something just for YOU! So wait. right. there."  And ran and got a picture of the Savior and a pass along card and handed it to him!

And after he left I thought of a whole lot of things I could have said or could have said better . . . and when I walked into the kitchen I didn't even care that my roux was now burning!

So media missionaries out there, if some guy from Missouri calls and says he got a pass along card from some crazy with a "We Welcome Solicitors" sign on her door, tell him to send some more of his salemates my way!

I'm willing to perfect my missionary skills!


  1. That is so great! I love that you had "waited" 5 months. Way to spread the gospel. Yesterday night, I was feeling down and upset because of extended family who have strayed so far that they don't believe in God. Thanks!

  2. Oh Darla! You are awesome! What an exciting opportunity. You are truly an example! Who care is the baby was diaper less. <3

  3. Ummm...can I just say AWESOME! Loved this :).

  4. Darla, you never cease to inspire me!